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Amino Acid/BCAA

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BPI Sports Best Bcaa 30 Servings
BSN Amino X - 30 Servings

BSN Amino X - 30 Servings

Rs.2,150 Rs.2,499

BSN Nitrix 2.0 (90 Tablets)

BSN Nitrix 2.0 (90 Tablets)

Rs.2,968 Rs.3,849

ON Essential Amino Energy

ON Essential Amino Energy

Rs.1,850 Rs.2,687

Scivation Xtend

Scivation Xtend

Rs.2,199 Rs.3,299

Universal Nutrition Amino 1900
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Amino Acid/BCAA

One of the best supplements for an athlete is Amino acid or Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA). They are easy and safe to consume and require no digestion, also, get absorbed in the bloodstream rapidly. BCAA’s contains valine , leucine and isolecine amino acids which stimulate the building of protein and reduces possible chances of muscle breakdown. Consumption of BCAA supplements before and during workout is proven to enhance performance.

You can buy best quality BCAA in best prices online at from companies like Grenade, Lipo-6, Muscle tech, Weider, Mhp, BPI, British Nutrition’s, Six pack nutrition, Dymatize amongst many. Some benefits you may experience are:

• Prevent fatigue and improve concentration.

• Prevent muscle breakdown

• Faster recovery

• Increases the overall athletic performance

• Boosts energy levels in your body• Helps in proper weight management

• Enhances your heart and bone health

Athletes require comparatively more intake of protein than a normal person. BCAA is well recommended to consume while working out for better results and to avoid muscle breakdowns which usually happen due to inadequate intake of nutrients.

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