MuscleTech Premium Mass Gainer 12 LBS

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MuscleTech Premium Mass Gainer 12 LBS

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  • MuscleTech 100 % Premium Mass Gainer is an appetising and healthy dietary supplement mainly consumed for proteins. It supplies you with loads of calories. It is formulated in such a way that it provides an enriched blend of nourishment, comprising proteins, minerals, amino acids, glutamine and other essential nutrients. This supplement ensures to give about 1290 calories along with protein and high energy carbohydrates. It is highly recommended for hardcore athletes to build muscle volume fast.
    Ensures lean muscle mass
    MuscleTech 100% Mass Gainer is a high-calorie concentrate that can be used during post- or pre-exercise sessions to increase your workout performance, and provide better and enhanced results. Being a rich source of BCAAs, it helps in immediate healing of muscle injuries caused during strenuous workout sessions. MuscleTech 100 % Premium Mass Gainer, when taken as a meal supplement along with your strenuous workout sessions, assures great muscle tone, increases insulin levels and completely absorbs all the nutrients to gain lean muscle mass. So, if you are looking for a supplement that completely enhances your exercise sessions, MuscleTech 100 % Premium Mass Gainer is the perfect choice.
    Enhances your athletic performance
    MuscleTech 100% Mass Gainer contains an effective muscle-building compound, creatine, which helps in gaining lean muscle mass and enhancing your workout performance. This supplement helps in speedy recovery of your muscles from muscle soreness and fatigue after strenuous workout sessions. It improves your overall athletic performance, leading to better and desired results.

    1270 Calories - 50g High-Quality Protein - 261g Energy-Providing Carbs

    100% Premium Mass Gainer is one of the latest innovations from Team MuscleTech® - America's #1 Selling Bodybuilding Supplement Brand. This power-packed massbuilding formula is an effective way for bodybuildersstrength athletes and hard gainers to get the nutrients and musclebuildingcompunds needed to grow bigger and stronger! Not only does 100% Premium Mass Gainer really work, it also comes in two delicious, mouth-watering flavors tht''ll leave you wanting more!

    Great Formula, Great Taste & Great Results

    Power-Packed Massbuilding Formula

    100% Premium Mass Gainer helps you meet your unique caloric needs by delivering a massive 1,270 calories, including 50 grams of high-quality protein and 261 grams of energy-providing carbs in every serving. It even features essential vitaminsminerals, a complete spectrum of amino acidsand a compound shown in scientific studies to help build muscle size and strength – so you know it's going to work!

    Scientifically Shown to Help Build More Mass

    100% Premium Mass Gainer delivers everything you want to build the bigger and stronger frame you've always wanted as part of your training program! In fact, in one scientific study, subjects taking 2,000 calories (found in approximately 1.5 servings of 100% Premium Mass Gainer, gained significantly more muscle than the control group. In the same study, subjects also added more size to their chest and arms! For a truly advanced, great-tasting massbuilding formula that really works, upgrade to 100% Premium Mass Gainer today!

    Mixes Easily & Tastes Absolutely Amazing

    Thanks to Team MuscleTech® researchers, 100% Premium Mass Gainer delivers everything you want in a mass building formula, in an easy-to-mix serving size. Not to mention, 100% Premium Mass Gainer was formulated with the help to industry-leading flavors experts, giving it a great tast that's hard to beat!

    100% Premium Mass Gainer for a Truly advanced:

    University-Studied & Documented Results

    In an 8-week study involving 73 untrained subjects divided into three groups, subjects who combined a weight-training program with an additional 2000 calories (found in approximately  1,5 servings of 100% Premium Mass Gainer) experienced significant massbuilding results!

    Note: We recommend you see a physician or nutritionist if you have any questions regarding the use of our product. Nutritional information may vary depending on flavor.
    * Images presented are merely for illustrative and promotional purposes only. The product's final image may be altered.

    Number of Servings28
    Serving Size330 g
    Calories per Serving1290
    Protein per Serving53 g
    Protein Carb Ratio1/4.9
    Weight (kg)5.4
Bulk/Mass Gainer/Size Gain
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