Gold Standard+ Amino+fish oil

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  • Gold Standard+ Amino+fish oil(combo3)

Gold Standard+ Amino+fish oil(combo3)

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Gold Standard+ Amino+fish oil

Gold Standard-Product Details

  • Aids in the development of lean muscle
  • Helps in fast muscle recovery after heavy workouts
  • Enhances your energy and stamina
  • Improves the metabolism of your body
  • A naturally flavoured health supplement formulated to boost immunity and provide nourishment
    Weight5 lb
    Weight (kg)2.3
    Price per kg3,387.6
    Number of Servings74
    Serving Size30.4 g
    Protein per Serving24 g
  •  Amino Energy - 30 Servings -

    • 5 grams of micronized free-form amino acids blend for faster absorption
    • 100 mg caffeine from natural sources
    • Just 10 calories per serving with zero sugar
    • Provides anti-catabolic support and intra-workout hydration and supports recovery before, during and after exercise
    • Optimal usage occasions: Before and/or during endurance exercise or within 30 to 45 minutes after weight training
    • Mix up Essential Amino Energy anytime you want a refreshing fruit flavored boost of energy and alertness. You can determine what’s appropriate for any situation, adding a 2-scoop serving to water for an afternoon pick-me-up or increasing the amino acid matrix to 15 grams with a 6-scoop pre-workout strength supplement delivering 300 mg of caffeine from green coffee and green tea extracts. The level of support is entirely up to you.

    • fish oil-Deep Sea Fish Oil contains essential Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA. In addition to being widely recognized for its many health benefits, fish oil is also known for its strength to reduce inflammation and help counteract the effects of aging. EPA and DHA are the two most important fatty acids that play a very crucial role in the development of the brain. EPA is a substance in the body called prostaglandins, which controls blood clotting and other arterial functions. Omega-3 fatty acids provide significant reductions in triglyceride levels and increases in good HDL cholesterol. Of almost equal importance is DHA, a major component of the human brain tissues and the retinal tissue of the eyes. DHA also serves the other important function of the transmission of nerve impulses in the nervous system. These effective components together provide a maximum effect in helping to ensure a healthy heart, brain tissue, digestive system, and immune system. Additionally, recent studies have proven that fish oil has additional health benefits including the reduction in risk of forming most types of cancer. Since the average American diet is very low in fresh fish and derivatives of sea food containing EPA and DHA, regular consumption of fish oil added to a regular healthy diet has been highly recommended by many medical professionals. It has long been considered one of the most important supplements for the heart due to its anti-inflammatory agents. Directions of Use: Take 3 Softgels in a day
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