Wellspring Seed-O-Life 400gm

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  • Wellspring Seed-O-Life 400gm

Wellspring Seed-O-Life 400gm

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Wellspring Seeds-O-Life is a perfect blend of four of the most power packed seeds from nature. This combination is extremely beneficial for the heart, skin, brain, bone and digestive health. Its regular intake helps in reducing bad cholesterol and oxidation stress levels while improving digestive health and overall sense of well-being.

Wellspring Seeds-O-Life is an ideal source of energy and micro-nutrients for weight watchers.

Suitable For

  • Children and teenagers
  • All adults including pregnant and lactating women
  • People with cardiac condition or high cholesterol
  • Diabetics
  • People with poor digestion
  • Celiacs

Key Features

  • Best possible soluble fibre as “bad cholesterol buster”
  • Best possible insoluble fibre for efficient bowel movement
  • Best source of natural Vitamin E
  • Best vegetarian source for Omega-3
  • Has zinc, selenium and potassium
  • Rich in tryptophan

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