Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass 5lbs

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Series Iron Mass 5lbs

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Iron Mass
Revolutionary All-In-One Weight Gainer

  • Supports Gains In Hard, Dense Muscle Mass And Strength
  • Features “Muscle Plasma Protein Technology”
  • Contains A Blend Of Healthy Fats, Complex Carbohydrates & Bcaa Nitrates

High Performance Mass Building Fuel

The Smart Way To Trigger Explosive Muscle Growth - Fast!

Arnold Schwarzenegger teamed up with MusclePharm scientists and together they created a revolutionary weight gainer. In order to stimulate rapid muscle growth (and do this without spurring fat development) it takes both calories and precise nutrient partitioning to create the Muscle Building environment an athlete needs. A whole new kind of muscle building. It utilizes a 5-stage Mass Delivery System, comprised of advanced protein technology, elite complex carbs, healthy fats, cutting edge performance ingredients and a balanced digestive blend—plus it’s low in sugar and tastes delicious!


5-Stage Mass Delivery System
Attacks Every Angle of Muscle Building!

  • Elite Complex Carbohydrates Matrix: Quicker recovery & Muscle Building, giving muscles a skin-splitting look
  • Muscle Plasma Protein Technology: 40g of a potent blend of Whey Protein Concentrate
  • High Performance Healthy Fats: Blend of healthy fats (EFA’s), MCT’s and saturated fats which are essential for hormone production
  • Performance Growth & Muscle Volumizer: Creatine and BCAA nitrates help promote muscular strength, size and endurance
  • Pro-Digest Blend: Special dietary fiber blend, aids with Digestion of added protein, carbs and fat you need to…

Get Big. Stay Big.

Featuring “Muscle Plasma Protein Technology.” A Cutting-Edge Combination of Whey Protein Concentrate.

Muscle Plasma Protein Technology (MPPT) is a cutting edge combination of Whey Protein Concentrate engineered for elite athletes and hardcore lifters. It is the superior choice for building Lean Muscle and getting the desired anabolic effect. By consuming this blend as your protein source, you experience rapid gains in muscle and weight. The technological breakthrough contains more bioactive proteins and peptides and Three Times the level of anabolic growth factors as whey. With increased anabolic potential, it helps you absorb amino acids more efficiently and increase your nitrogen balance. Iron Mass was formulated to support the recycling of aminos back into the muscle building pathways to support nitrogen retention and the promotion of muscle growth and performance. MPPT helps users gain lean muscle mass through the breaking of the catabolic cycle using immunoglobulin and mitogenic growth factors such as IGF-1 and immunomodulatory cytokines.

Some researchers postulate Muscle Plasma Protein Technology allows for greater absorption of amino acids, fats, and carbohydrates. A healthy gut means a healthier athlete. The body’s innate ability to ward off infection allows for you, the athlete, to continually compete at a high level. In turn, the Immune System is allowed to fight and ward off illness, keeping you in the game longer.

These statements Have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to Diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Price per kg2,639.6
Number of Servings24
Serving Size95 g
Calories per Serving485
Protein per Serving40 g
Protein Carb Ratio1/0.9
Weight (kg)2.3


Weight5 lb
GoalBulking Up

User Guide


  • Calculate the RMR. The resting metabolic rate is the amount of calories per day that the body requires to maintain its existing weight. Here's how to figure it out with the Mifflin - St. Jeor formula.

  • Convert the weight from pounds to kilograms by dividing the weight in pounds by 2.2. The result is the weight in kilograms.

  • Convert the height from inches to centimeters. Multiply the height in inches by 2.54. The result is the height in centimeters.

  • Plug the information into the formula. The basic formula is RMR = 10 * weight (kg) + 6.25 * height (cm) - 5 * age(y) + x. For men, x = 5; for women, x = -161.

  • The aforementioned formula calculates how much calories the body would burn if the body is resting for an entire day.

  • The following table enables calculation of an individual's recommended daily calorie intake to maintain current weight.                                                     

Little to no exercise

Daily calorie needed =BMRx1.2

Light exercise (1-3 days per week)

Daily calorie needed =BMRx1.375

Moderate exercise (4-5 days per week)

Daily calorie needed =BMRx1.55

Heavy exercise (6-7 days per week)

Daily calorie needed =BMRx1.725

Very heavy exercise (twice per day, extra heavy workouts)

Daily calorie needed =BMRx1.9

After the required calculations are made, simply use the mass/weight gain supplement accordingly to reach the intended macronutrient goals for the day. It can also be choosen as the main source of protein or just as a quick shake after a workout.

Avoid trans-fat as they can increase belly fat, as well as induce unhealthy insulin levels. Steer clear of margarine, shortening, packaged snack foods and processed meats.


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