MP ARMOR-V Multivitamin

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  • MP	ARMOR-V Multivitamin

MP ARMOR-V Multivitamin

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Complete Source of Vitamins and Minerals!


Think of Armor-V as your daily training partner. Each component in this meticulous formulation was assembled for the high-intensity demands of hard-training athletes. Armor-V lays the infrastructure of your daily supplement regimen, brick by brick, with a hyper-comprehensive blend of organics, herbals and natural ingredients. It is formulated to feed your body everything nature intended and is loaded with pure vegetable and fruit derivatives, antioxidants and system optimizers.

With a blend of vitamins, minerals, fats and probiotics, 
ARMOR-V ADVANCED MULTI-NUTRIENT COMPLEX is a blend of over 25 vegetable and fruit concentrates that will deliver results to help support your goals. The greens and probiotics aid in the support of your immune system, stabilize bacteria in your stomach, promote healthy digestion and nutrient absorption. Armor-V also supplies the ideal combination of Omega 3-6-9 and coconut oil to supply your body with healthy fats.


•Complete whole food vitamin delivers total immune support
•B vitamins add energy and support metabolism
•Healthy fats promote weight loss, cell fluidity, total health- all while supporting the immune system
•Greens and probiotics enhance immunity, assist in digestion and absorption, and help keep that feisty gut bacteria in check.


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