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Why did we design Hard Gainer Extreme?

When striving to increase mass and size, you must be in a calorie surplus (energy intake > energy expenditure), otherwise you will be facing an uphill battle. Accomplishing this will require you to consume regular calorie-dense meals and snacks, although, this can be extremely challenging with such hectic lifestyles. Therefore, Hard Gainer Extreme is a potent blend tailored towards weight gain and muscle bulk.

How did we design Hard Gainer Extreme?

Hard Gainer Extreme is a potent blend containing four different types of proteins, including hydrolysed whey protein and calcium caseinate. On top of this, three different carbohydrates have been incorporated, including both waxy maize starch - a complex carbohydrate, and maltodextrin – a short chain carbohydrate. Complimentary flaxseeds and inulin complete the finishing touches to this extremely popular supplement.

What are the Key Benefits?

Protein – 32g of high quality protein per serving (100g – 3 scoops) will contribute to the growth, repair and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

Carbohydrates – 46g of carbohydrates per serving (100g – 3 scoops) will help fuel your workouts, replenish your glycogen stores post-exercise and support weight-gain.

Healthy fats – Flaxseeds and medium chain triglycerides are healthy fats to support a healthy balanced diet.

Calories – a staggering 382 calories per serving will help support weight-gain.

Inulin – this is a carbohydrate that good bacteria in your digestive system utilises to produce a number of nutrients which are beneficial towards human health.

Is this product for me?

Hard Gainer Extreme is a perfectly tailored supplement for anyone striving or struggling to increase size and mass. Alternatively, this product is ideal for post-recovery as it contains proteins (for repair), carbohydrates and fats (for replenishment). 

When should I consume Hard Gainer Extreme?

To reap the benefits of this product, our expert team of nutritionists recommend consuming this product first thing in the morning or immediately pre/post workout.

Please note that the labelling on this product is provided in English as a minimum. French, Italian, German, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Finnish may also be present on a product by product basis.

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